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Did you know? The average annual salary for a Firefighter in Canada is over $100K.

Canadian Firefighter Program

The recruitment process can take several months. When you register to the Canadian Firefighter Program you will have access to our online resources for 12 months. Prepare on your own time and at your own pace.

Program includes:

  • 5 Simulated entrance exams based on the FACT tests (110 questions each)
  • 5 Simulated entrance exams based on the CPS tests (100 questions each)
  • 5 Simulated entrance exams based on the NFST tests (70 questions each)
  • 2 Psychological based tests (250 questions each) based on the Gledhill-Shaw OS Fire Exam.
  • Includes - 5 Bonus Practice exams including questions based on spatial orientation and memorization.
  • Interactive scoring - with historical feedback, answer keys and solution explanations
  • Prep Material - Resume, Interview and Teaching material for all subject matter (mechanical aptitude, judgment, etc.)

Toronto Fire Services Course and FirefighterPrep Exam Prep

Toronto Fire Services Course

If you are a registered attendee of the Toronto Fire Services Course and have a valid access code please register here:

Firefighter Exam Prep

Why Firefighter Prep?

With a staff of skilled technical writers, FirefighterPrep has designed customized written exams for the Firefighter Recruitment exam you are writing. Our practice Exams are developed with the same format and content as the real tests. This ensures you are spending your time and money on the correct preparation and training material. Don't waste your money on generic practice exams that do not reflect the Exam that you will be writing.